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This sweet momma shared her maternity's on social media today and it had me reminiscing on their gorgeous session, walking around Twelve Oaks Estate with the most amazing weather and company!

It's so crazy how quick time flies by. Chase was the best hype-man for Shay and the windy gave Shay all the super-model vibes!! It seems like just yesterday Shay and Chase were joyfully awaiting the debut of their sweet boy and now he is almost five months old! 

 These sweet season go by so quickly and when you become a momma that saying of "babies don't keep" takes on a whole other meaning. You're not just thinking that your baby will grow up one day but you're also more aware of how fast every moment's pass by. 

I am always encouraging family and friends to capture sweet moments, not only for the NOW but also just to preserve them for the future. Seasons change and time goes by but when you need a look back on the moments that have made your life the beautiful story it is, a picture will always bring you back to that moment and those feelings. 

There is no better feeling as a photographer than seeing your clients remember season of their life through your work!

To all my parents: past present and future, I am rooting for you all! Enjoy this sweet season of parenthood and soak up all the love and childhood fun! 

Reminisce with me over this beautiful day! 



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