Roaring into ONE with sweet Brooksie


Oh, what a sweet blessing this little ONE has been to all of us! 

Today we celebrate this little wild one turning ONE with a DINO-mite birthday bash!

It seems like just yesterday, Chey was showing me her positive pregnancy test! 

The journey to you felt so long, but know that you are here, the time has seemed to fly by. 

For those of you who don’t know, Brooks is one of my nephews, and he is a RAINBOW BABY. 

A rainbow always follows rain & is the perfect reflection of hope when the sunlight meets the storm. A rainbow baby is the accurate reflection of that sunlight of hope found in the Lord after the storm of loss. 

After several years of battling infertility, Cheyenne and Liam had faced loss, tears, prayers, and longing.

 I witnessed as Chey hit her knees in prayer. I watched as she attends infertility conferences asking questions that typically began with why And when. I saw the longing for a baby of her own and the constant struggle to keep her tears at bay. I stood on the sidelines as Liam held Chey while she cried. I prayed as he prayed for the baby the Lord would one day provide. I witnessed as he mourned the loss they felt. 

On the day doctors told them that they were expecting while bringing positive news that with close monitoring and shots their baby would be health, I think we all released an unknowing breath that we had been holding for so long.

It’s crazy how much emotion transfers when you walk through a season with people you love. 

Brooks, when you came into the world, we all felt the shift. We all piled into waiting rooms and delivery rooms waiting to meet you. I met you first, after your mommy and daddy, of course, to get your first pictures in this world and oh how precious your little features were. 

Today we celebrate your FIRST year here on earth!! 

Oh Brooks, our sweet rainbow baby, the Lord smiles down on you! You’re such a happy and loved a little boy. Watching you grow this past year has brought about so much goodness with each milestone! 

You’re your uncle Taylor’s Weezy.
You’re cousin Blakely’s future bestie. 
& my Brooksie. 

We celebrated last week by CHOMPING down on some cake during this sweet milestone cake smash! 

ENJOY all the smiles and laughs this big boy was giving me




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