It might sound strange but my favorite holiday is Halloween.

You might be saying "it's a little early for Halloween, isn't it?"  But in our house Christmas decorating starts the first week of November for my Santa mini's, so Halloween can never come to early for me!  

There is something so magical about the holiday.. pun intended! When I was younger I loved to get dressed up, I remember my mom would go all out for our costumes and we would get together with all our cousin to go door to door trick or treating. It wasn't just a day for us, mom would take us to carnivals, we would carve pumpkins and dress up the front of our house with the best Halloween decorations.

The funny thing is I hate anything scary, I mean anything. I have never even watched a scary movie all the way through.  True story. Even my husband and I first started dating he was shocked that I loved Halloween because I hate scary things. 

I don't love it for the "scary-spooky" side, I love it for the magical and creative side. I love getting creative with costumes, passing out candy, the magical air it brings to children and the pops of orange with the black and white.  When I think of fall I think of candles, candy apples and pumpkin patches. 

I want Blakely to love this holiday too. I want her to be immersed in the magical aspect of dressing up and making childhood memories. Her first year Halloween she slept most of the night, but as a premie size baby she was bundled up as a princess and we stayed indoors. Her second Halloween she was a little old lady, she was just learning to walk and she had the cutest snowball wig that I made for her little head! Last year she was Rapunzel for dance class, Elsa for the church carnival and Tinkerbell the day of  Halloween.. Did I mention I love this holiday?!? 

The best part of this year is that Blakely is at the age where she gets to choose her own costume, and of course she wants to be a Disney character because she is my child!! 

I have already started dressing up the house for Halloween.. Don't judge me. 2020 has been a weird year and we could all use a little of the child-like magic that this beautiful season brings, plus Hocus Pocus 2 is coming out! 

I also love any holiday that allows me to decorate my house

I am going to soak up every minute of this magical holiday, I hope you all do to because it goes by too fast. 

Happy Fall Y'all!! 



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