End of
Summer Fun 


This summer has flew by, do you feel that way?

 Life has been so busy around BMP but something I am learning during this season is to slow down and make time.When I was younger my mom use to say that time always felt like it went by so fast. I remember thinking, "no it goes by so slow, it needs to hurry up." I was always on a mission to get on to my next venture or to grow up.

 Now that I am a momma I completely understand what my own momma was saying all of those years ago. Life goes by so quickly, my sweet newborn will be 3 years old next month, WHAT?!? and my nephew just turned one. 

During the "shut down" for COVID I embraced the slow pace of being at home and it taught me that I needed to make more time to just enjoy Blakley being little!

These two kiddos are growing quickly. As a momma you always want to see your little ones grow and thrive because nothing is better then watching your little one become his or her own person. 

We are soaking up every last bit of summertime and what says southern summer more than splashing around  creek side.

It's so sweet to see these little cousins loving each other so well. 

Enjoy one of our end of summer adventures with these sweet kiddos! 



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