I never understood in my season of assault why??  I know now. 

God was going to use me. God helped me through that season so that I would become stronger for the seasons ahead.

After my assault I felt I had no voice. I was "victim blamed" over and over by my rapist friends and acquaintances. 
I was left to feel ashamed of myself and to feel at fault for my rapist actions. 

I wasn't at fault and I found my voice. 

God pulled me out of the darkness. He surrounded me with people who helped me to find my voice and He lead me to heal in Him. 

I have a daughter that I would give my life and voice for in a heartbeat. 

My calling is to fight for the ones who don’t have a voice.
I found my voice for those who need one. 

When you become a mom the injustices that our children face cut deeper. When you look at a child that is hurting you feel their pain. The news of a hurt child effects you on a different level because you automatically think of your own baby.

As a lifestyle photographer I work with children and families daily. I get the opportunity to grow with my clients, especially my littlest clients. 

My heart has recently been heavy with the injustice and undiscussed plague that our children are forced to face today. 

The sexual exploitation of our youth is very real and alive, not just worlds far away but right here on our home front. Sex trafficking and the rape of our children are real. Though mainstream media wants us to believe it is just "false news". 

Our Kids are being taken advantage by our society, by our elite, by our politicians, by people they should feel safe with. Why is this happening? Because these predators feel untouchable, unstoppable and overlooked. They walk among us fearless because they believe they have nothing to fear. 

I have found myself asking, as many of us who face scary topics do, God "why??" 

-Why our babies? 
-Why is this happening?
-Why is it being swept under the rug?

But then I was remind that we are called to embrace the burdens that God puts on our heart. My question to God went from "why?" to "how?"

-How can I help our babies? 
-How can I play a part in stop predators and saving our children?
-How can God use me?  

I have sought out many prayers and counsel on this topic as I have cried and felt sick to my stomach. Children shouldn't grow up in fear of adults. God is near to the broken heartened, you guys, He is near to our babies. We need to act. We need to save our babies. We need to be the voice of our youth. 

I want BMP to be a brand that stand for something more. That is why I have decided to start donating monthly to Operation Underground Railroad and The child rescue Coalition. 

5% percentage of every full and mini session will go towards the fight for helping rescue our Children who are being exploited and to bring them justice against their predators through two amazing organization that are helping to bring awareness, resources and justice to this national pandemic. 

You may notice I keep say OUR children, as a momma they are my children and as a human-being it is my job to protect them. 

If it's been on your heart to get involved but you don't know how, check out these amazing organizations and consider donating however you can. 

Learn more about the fight:



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