Blakely Turns Three 


Oh my bestie girl, how are you 3?! 

I remember when we found out I was pregnant with you, all the emotions I felt. I was so nervous, would I be a good mom? Would you love me? I felt this overwhelming need to protect you. I would lay my life down for you. 

Though I felt like death my whole pregnancy, one thing all the doctors could agree on at the end pf every exam was “she’s perfect”. Little did I know in 9 short months you would make your entrance into the world on your own time when you were ready, so very tiny and perfect. You would change my life with all things good, Blakely Wrenn. 

Every day since you have done things on your own time, even now in your sweet voice saying “I can do it myself”. You’re so smart and observant that you sometimes make me feel like maybe you’re the one who should be teaching me, and you do, because everyday I learn something from you sweet baby. Because of your sweet little life I am a better person. You impact the life of everyone you meet. It sounds so odd to say that of a 3 year old but to know you really is to love you. 

You radiant God’s love. You’re so kind, smart, beautiful and loving.

It feels like only yesterday you were placed in my arms, you literally fit in both my hands, so small and fragile. All the nights I spent awake making sure you were okay, that you were breathing. The times I’ve climbed into your crib. All the little moments you and I have shared. You really are my best friend! 

I may take a crazy amount of photos and videos of you, but I capturing every moment of you. I loving leaving you a legacy of frozen moments for you to see what I see when I look at you. 

You’re my favorite shopping buddy, my little girly girl who loves all things makeup, bows, shoes, clothes and princesses. You are a mini version of myself and I find myself amazed watching you become more and more your own person each day.  
The conversations we have and the sweet little things you say are highlights of my days. You have the coolest personality, the kindest heart and the sweetest face. I pray for favor over your little life, that you will always know love and peace. 

I always heard the saying “babies don’t keep” and I used it a lot after you were born but the meaning struck me different today because I now understand the depth of that meaning. You’re growing way to quick, I truly wish I had a pause button.

Though the day’s of you asking me “hold me like a baby and signing hush little baby to me” are few and far between these day’s, you will forever be my little baby and I will hold you for all of my days. 

“Hush mommas baby, 
My sweet girl,
Mommy love you
More than anything in the world. 
You’re best baby, 
You’re best girl, 
Mommy loves you 
More than anything in the world. 
My sweet baby,
My sweet girl, 
I love you 
more than anything in the world.”

I love you more than most best baby! 




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